Credit Supplies Fall

The IMVU Credit Pending feature is now having an evident effect on 3rd Party Credit Resellers. Sellers who were usually not buying are now open for business a lot of the time, as devlopers have less credits available for sale.

In two weeks the problem is likely to get worse.


Credit Pend for IMVU’s Creators

IMVU to introduce credit pending a procedure to inhibit certain "illegal" use of IMVU credits.

Update as of September 8, 2011



Problems with moving badges

Some people have a problem controlling the badge/bling display on their account

This IMVU forum post makes a suggestion for those using IE8 as the browser- use Compatibility View


See I have a problem with moving my badges.


Finding Spanish Chat Rooms

(In answer to a Twitter question)
Although there is no guaranteed way to find chat rooms in Spanish - here is one way that works fairly well
In  IMVU go to community->public rooms
in the Search:  box type spanish and press  Enter -- wait -- it may take a while to search  and display results

Fake Credit Reseller Groups

There is one persistent fake credit reseller who uses a number of techniques to get IMVU users to buy credits from him. This reseller has been spamming IMVU in many ways for a long time, and many users have lost money and never received credits.

Always be suspicious of very low prices and always check the authorized resellers list.

The IMVU reseller group scam consists of sending invite messages to users randomly. New users in particular are prone to join, being excited to get some action and being "wanted".

Stolen and copied products

More cases of stealing/copying content - it's a shame when people who work hard to make nice products get ripped off.

There are several types of theft

Help Tickets

To create a help ticket in IMVU

Click on this link    IMVU Home > Help Center  and then select  Request Support

Note that help tickets may take a very long time to get answered. Customers with VIP support may get expedited service.

Name Changes and Buying Names

Name Changes and Buying Names

Click above for the complete article

Graphic Arts Services and Requests forum moving

Annoying it is on short notice - but not unexpected


Although the Graphic Arts Services and Requests forum is IMO an essential part of IMVU, I doubt IMVU sees it that way, since they really have a closed mind to the vibrancy of this forum bringing added  value.

Bad Marketing on the Mafia Bundle

Posted by OracleGodess

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